Haley cook 2nd
2nd hour
“what I wore was my source of youth” says Macklamore in the song Wings this song shows
that if students wear uniforms it will effect students making life easier like no bullying, no peer
pressure, no gangs will be formed. People have died for their jackets or their shoes because they have
clothing that they don’t have so they take it therefore with uniforms it will stop all this. The Harrison
Board of Education should mandate school uniforms in Harrison schools because people are bullying
people for what they wear and for how they wear it with uniforms we will all have the same thing on so
they will not have nothing to say because their wearing the same thing.
To begin with, school uniform improve safety within Harrison schools. . For example Bill
Clintons quote stated “if it means teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets then our
public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms” This example
illustrates that if it means people kill over a jacket because people have something they don’t then he
himself is going to mandate school uniforms. Killing students and stealing others stuff to look cool is a
big deal. Students are worried about what others think so they try to impress people but if if they have
school uniforms they all look the same. Another example is “then my friend Carlos got murdered for his
fours”( Macklamore wings) this example shows “That students die because of what they wear, safety
is a big deal for teachers and if students lives are tooken from other students” that’s a big problem it
means that students won’t feel safe around other students and wont want to come to school .
Pursuing the idea of school uniforms further is grades, grades is a big concern for students
because students are too busy paying attention to their clothing and not paying attention to what the
teachers are saying. For example “there is no doubt that uniforms result in better discipline academics
and values” says Tom Home this example shows that if they have uniforms it results in their academics.
Another example is “less attention on clothes and social status versus what were hear for –and that’s to
learn”. This example shows that if it takes the distraction away it will make them focus better on what is
Additionally school uniforms reduce peer pressure for example that “females are under peer
pressure” because they are worried how pretty they look and how they do it this shows that if uniforms
are mandated they wont have to worry about how they look cause they look the same. Another
example is “they said it has an impact on keeping kids focused and reducing distractions” this shows
people have tested it and the results show that they pay more attention on school instead of their
In conclusion if the Board of Education mandates school uniform they wont have to worry about
killing,bullying,peer pressure if it is mandated. Because some people have other stuff other students
don’t have so they kill for it tht is why school uniforms should be mandated.
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