morongo basin transit authority

Morongo Basin Transit Authority
MBTA/CALACT Procurement
Pre Bid Meeting – October 13, 2011 10:00AM
Joe Meer called the meeting to order at 10:30am.
Ernesto Contreras, Sprinter Daimler
Brad Phillips, Buswest
Mark Mills, Buswest
Don White
Brent Sumrall, BTC
Margaret Merhoff
Joe Meer, MBTA
Clay Hartman
Valerie Dubuque, A-Z Bus
Phil McGuire, Valley CTSA
Beth Kranda, SANBAG
Brian Hunt, A-Z Bus
Cheri Holsclaw, MBTA
Jay Holzhuter, Creative Bus
Joe Meer provided background on the MBTA/CALACT Procurement. Commented that he expects a
minimum of approved equals as vehicle specifications are very close to what was successfully bid.
Margaret highlighted the areas as follows:
- Changes are due (1 original, 3 CDs) by October 31, 2011 at 4pm to MBTA.
- Proposals are due by December 7, 2011 at 10am to Rutan and Tucker.
- Altoona tests are ok to submit electronically.
- Seat-Testing documents are to be included on CD.
- Each proposal must be submitted in a binder with a CD.
- Price proposal must be separate from the binder.
- Include Buy America information in detail.
Pg 16 explains the evaluation and pages 18-19 explains how it will be scored.
Warranty provisions are different this time. The vendor must include customer
services support, warranties and experience.
Vendor must include prices with immediate law changes in mind.
You must submit a 2 yr contract with 2 1-yr options.
No negotiations will be made on your proposal or it would be considered a sole
Assignment letter will be good for 1 year and the bus has to be delivered in that
Rebates, Credits, Etc are prohibited.
An estimated delivery date is required.
Post delivery onsite inspections may be done.
Starting 2012, Auditors will audit Buy America.
Read pg 47 regarding required insurance.
There is a New Fleet Defect Clause for fleets less than 12, page 61.
Page 81 is only applicable if you have subcontractors.
Go to your dealers to fill out the DBE, do not rely on the website.
Brad Phillips gave seatbelts as an example that you knew the law would change but did not
have a price. Margaret suggested it would be best to put something like that in the 1 yr
Clay Hartman asked about a Chassis price change. Margaret said it would be best to
consider the new amount when you make your bid.
Upon Brent Phillips prompting, Margaret clarified that a Manufacturer is not considered a
Don White suggested changing the verbiage on page 64 regarding the towing costs under
Respectfully submitted,
Cheri Holsclaw, Morongo Basin Transit Authority