weather and meteorology quiz


Weather and Meteorology Quiz pt. 1

1. What is weather?

a. how the temperature changes over time b. the amount of space the air takes up c. the condition of the atmosphere at a particular time

2. Water vapor is _______________.

a. the liquid state of water b. the solid state of water c. the gas state of water

3. A thermometer measures _________.

a. the temperature of the air b. how much pressure the air can hold c. how quickly ice will melt

4. A meteorologist studies __________.

a. the rise and fall of temperature b. the weather in the earth’s atmosphere c. animal species

5. The movement of water from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere and back again is called _______________.

a. jet stream b. weather front c. water cycle

6. When the humidity is 100%, _______________________________.

a. the wind is blowing b. the sun is coming out c. it is raining

7. A hurricane __________________.

a. needs warm water to survive b. is calm in the eye of the storm c. both a & b

9. Wind speeds of a tornado can reach _____________.

a. 3,000 mph b. 50 mph c. 200 mph

8. Farmers, pilots, and sailors all depend on ___________________ to plan for work.

a. a call from the president b. accurate weather forecasts c. the seasons

10. Weather happens in the earth’s ________________.

a. oceans b. atmosphere c. core