Properties of Earth`s Atmosphere

Properties of Earth's Atmosphere
1. Layer above the mesosphere; very low density
3. someone who studies the processes in earth's atmosphere that cause weather; a weather forecaster
4. a collection of water droplets or ice crystals
8. Layer above the stratosphere; this is where meteors typically burn up
10. measures air pressure; measured in inches or millibars
11. measures air temperature (measured in degrees Fahrenheit, degrees Celsius, or in Kelvin)
12. the outermost layer of the atmosphere; the transition between the atmosphere and space
13. short-term conditions and changes in the atmosphere
14. layer of gases surrounding the Earth
2. measures the amount of rainfall in inches
5. Layer above the troposphere; contains the ozone layer, which absorbs a large amount of (UV) radiation from the sun.
6. The layer of Earth's atmosphere that is closest to the surface. This has the highest density of all the layers and is where weather
7. measures wind speed
9. measures relative humidity by measuring temperature with a wet bub and a dry bulb. These temperatures are compared to a
relative humidity chart, which gives you relative humidity as a %