Teaching for Success January 2015

Friday Jan 23, 2015 H101b
Welcome and Introductions
Outcome Based Education
Participants will be introduced to the concept of “learner centered education”, and provided
with a brief overview of the link between program outcomes (standards) and course learning
10:30 Learning Styles & Teaching Styles
We tend to teach in the way we like to learn ourselves. However, not everyone learns the same
way! This session will explore four major learning styles and strategies for meeting the needs of
those styles in our classrooms
11.30 Break
11.45 Mohawk College Library
Mohawk’s librarians are here to collaborate with you! At this session, you’ll visit our beautiful
new Cummings Library and Collaboratory in H wing at Fennell and learn about all of the
library services available to support teaching faculty. We’ll introduce you to libguides, talk a
little about our great e-resources and fill you in on the library research classes we offer to help
students deal with assignment challenges. You’ll leave with a much better sense of how a
librarian can be your partner to help make life as a teacher at Mohawk easier and how we can
contribute to your students’ academic success.
12:45 Lunch
Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities,
15% of students identify as having some type of disability. The session will explain how
teachers are to use the confidential accommodation plan as well as disability services available
for faculty to support students’ learning.
2:30 Break
Student Feedback on Teaching
Our student feedback survey is based on Chickering & Gamson’s 7 Principles of Best Practice
in Education. Review the criteria that students will use to provide feedback to faculty at the
end of a course and explore methods of obtaining fast feedback throughout the term.
Feedback and Closure
Saturday, 24 Jan, 2015 i102 & computer lab i110
Planning an Effective Lesson
This session will focus on a formula for structuring an effective lesson, as well as teaching
techniques and methods to optimize student learning and engagement
10:00 Assessing Student Learning
How can I best measure whether students are learning the skills and knowledge expected in my
course? The purpose of this workshop is to provide subject experts with the essential skills and
best practices for assessing and evaluating student learning
11:00 Break
11:15 Your eLearning Resources
After introducing you to the team and showcasing their specific talents and responsibilities, we
will tour you through a high-quality blended course in eLearn@Mohawk, the College’s
learning management system. Discover how eLearn@Mohawk’s tools can enhance learning,
ease marking, condense course management tasks and automate evaluation. We will end our
session by demonstrating how you can inject your creativity into course(s); adding learning
objects, embedding multimedia, and constructing quizzes are a few examples
Student Policies – Academic and Student Success
Through the use of case studies, groups will review some typical problems that occur in the
classroom and discuss policies that would apply when dealing with issues such as academic
dishonesty and disruptive student behavior.
Feedback and Closure