Sociology 1 Final Study Guide

Sociology 1 Final Study Guide
Lecture – Hegemonic masculinity, emphasized femininity, matrix of domination, colorblind racism
Article 23 – the choice gap, concerned cultivation, the rhetoric of choice
Article 24 – the Texaco case, racial discrimination in employment today, what can be
Article 25 – herding, the disparities in household incomes today
Article 26 – what are the tax myths?
Article 27 – corporations and the largest economies in the world, creating a global
Article 18 – objection to the Moynihan report, the devastation of the black middle-class
Article 20 – The Swedish and Denmark example. How is it possible for countries to
combine high employment with low pay inequality?
Article 21 – Is scarcity a myth? What blocks success of long-term solutions?
Article 22 – What are the reasons that the risk of poverty is so high?
Article 55 – What are the two faces of voting in America?
Article 56 – What are PMCs and TCNs
Article 57 – Bonilla-Silva’s “new racism,”
Article 63 – What is a transnational migrant, remittance
Article 50 – FBI statistics on “street crime,” number of homicides committed with a gun,
why the decline in intimate partner violence, crime decline and firearm legislation
Article 51 – sustained catastrophes
Article 52 – Latino Paradox, American culture and violence
Article 54 – The fastest growing segment of the inmate population, how incarceration
increases inequality
Article 28 – oppression model, Sarah Roman’s research on outcomes for prostitutes vs.
non-prostitutes, emotion work
Article 30 – Moral panic, sex and the baby boom cohort, problem of hook-ups for young
women vs. the problems of relationships for young women, relationship sex vs. hook-up
sex for young women and men
Article 32 – inroads to high status jobs since 1966 by race and gender, white men’s
earnings vs. minorities
Article 33 – sociological research on discrimination, where does racially biased policing
begin, conscious prejudice and cognitive bias among police officers, how to combat
stereotypes and unconscious bias
Article 34 – Samuel Huntington’s view of some new immigrants, Mexican American
leader’s racial strategies prior to the Civil Rights Movement, large size and urban
concentration’s affect on assimilation of Mexican immigrants
Article 35 – New Asian immigrants class background, Latina/o middle class and
whiteness, African-American exceptionalism
Article 36 – the model minority, what white means to most Asian-Americans
Article 59 – what is community organizing actually about, purpose of the organizer, what
university did the historical heroes of community organizing study or were colleagues of
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