Chapter 25 Questions
1. What is meant when people say immigrants were “pulled” and “pushed” to American cities?
2. Who was Sullivan? What was the advantage of skyscrapers?
3. What were the advantages to living in the city?
4. What part did the department store play in urban life?
5. What were some of the problems encountered by early cities?
6. Why a “dumbbell” tenement? (Why not just build a solid building?)
7. Where did immigrants come from in 1880?
8. List four things you learned from the painting on page 562.
9. What is “American Fever?”
10. Who were “birds of passage?”
11. Did people who immigrated to the US want to blend in with the rest of the population?
12. What did Rauschenbush and Gladden have to say abut the “social gospel?”
13. How did Jane Addams help the new immigrants? What was Hull House?
14. What were the contributions of Florence Kelley?
15. Who were “nativists?” What was the American Protective Association?
16. How was immigration limited in 1882 and again in 1885? What limitation was added in 1917?
17. What was the work of Dwight Lyman Moody?
18. Who was Mary Baker Eddy? What was the purpose of YMCA?
19. What did “Darwinism” have to do with religion in the US?
20. Why might you say that people were better educated by the turn of the century? What was a
21. Who was Booker T Washington, George Washington Carver and what was the purpose of Tuskegee
22. How did W E B Dubois attempt to help African Americans in the US?
23. How did the Hatch Act and the Morrill Act effect education in America?
24. What were some colleges started by the Industrial Statesmen of the Day? What was the purpose of Johns
25. What was William James’ contribution to American academic life?
26. What helped libraries become more popular at this time?
27. Who were Pulitizer and Hearst? What sold newspapers at this time?
28. What were some popular magazines of the day? What did they write about? Who was Henry George?
What did he think? What did Bellamy write about?
29. Harlan Halsey
Horatio Alger
Walt Whitman
Emily Dickenson
Jack London
Paul Lawrence Dunbar
Theodore Dreiser
30. What did the Comstock Law seek to achieve?
31. What ideas did Gilman try to popularize?
32. How was Wyoming distinctive in the advance of women’s rights?
33. What was Ida Wells able to achieve?
34. Who was Carrie Nation? What was here cause?
35. Whisler
John Singer Sargent
Louis Sullivan
Henry H Richardson
(Columbian Exhibition)
36. Who was Buffalo Bill? Who was Barnum?
37.Who was Naismith? What is he famous for?
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