events brief

Ever had an idea for an event you thought would be kick ass? Ever attended an event and thought
you could do better? This is your chance. ActivateUTS is your student organisation, and we are
looking for a budding Event Project Manager to propose their idea for an out of this world event to
be held on Campus.
The winner of this amazing opportunity will then (with the support of the ActivateUTS Events and
Marketing team) take the lead as the project manager in bringing your vision to life.
The Brief
Working within the University structures, we are looking for an innovative, creative, inclusive event
or program. All you need to do is create the concept plus the overall look and feel of the event. Be as
imaginative as you can be (within reason) we are looking for something unique that demonstrates
you and will engage your University community.
The Process
You need to provide a 1 page concept that includes content theming, budget and where you plan to
hold your event plus how you will engage the student community with a supporting 1 page mood
board for the event/program. ActivateUTS will then shortlist to 3 entries and the winner will be
decided by a random student vote.
Why would you enter?
To see your event/program happen on campus. This is your opportunity to, gain an insight into
Project Management and have the chance to see a project through from conception to completion.
The promotion of this event throughout UTS and beyond will give you exposure and an achievement
that will help you build your career opportunities. To help you on this journey you will have the
prospect of also gaining a qualification in a relevant field to also aide your career prospects.
Why are we doing this?
Because ActivateUTS loves you! We are here to support you and to help build your career
opportunities. We know that you have the skills and we want to show you off to the world. We want
to ensure your university life is memorable and by putting on the most mind blowing events
imaginable for the University and having you, our students, involved in the development process will
help us achieve this. We want you to have a say in what happens at your University and this is one
way to do that.
Actually submitting.
Due to timeframes we need to have the submission by 5pm on December 15th 2015. This will enable
us and you enough time to develop the event for promotion on O’Day have it included in all the
University marketing for Orientation and promote at Information Day 2016 when 15,000 prospective
students come to UTS. You must submit your maximum 3 pages (written idea concept, mood board
and if you choose supporting documentation) by email to The winner will
be announced on the Activate social Facebook page on the 17th December 2015.
The event/program conception must be your own work. By submitting your idea you acknowledge
that you have completed the work, it is not copied or obtained from another source and you have
full rights to submit it.
There is no negotiation on the submission date and any entries received after the deadline will not
be included. Following the announcement of the winner more dates will be implemented to the
winner to make sure all deadlines are met so please keep this in mind before submitting. Failure to
meet deadlines will result in voiding this competition and ActivateUTS will reserve the right to follow
through with the event in this occurrence.
UTS does have internal structures that make some things difficult. ActivateUTS staff will work
together with you and UTS to make your idea reality but some things may not be possible and you
acknowledge you will accept this.