Bill`s Map of NYC2

All Inclusive!
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“Phantom” Mirror and Props Build!
Met Museum/Roman Gallery 2nd Tier and Shepard Hall CUNY, Landmark Bldg, Lead Sculptor!
Beauty and the Beast/Costume Sculpture!
Washington Square Arch/ Replicate Rosettes!
IS 194/ Resculpted missing stonework!
Carve Ice Rink Menorah!
141 5th A venue/ Resculpt Restoration!
Sculpt “The Happy Prince” Sculpture!
NY Hall of Science/ Ice Carvings Demos!
Bellevue Hospital/ Akroter Replicated from photo!
Brooklyn Academy of Music/Resculpt Cornice! Long Island City Library/New Edifice!
Rise of the Jack Olantern/ Creative Dir!
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