160 Davila Drive apt B, Montevallo, AL 35115 Phone: 706-325-0823 E-mail: [email protected]
Online Portfolio:
I am an enthusiastic teacher who is effective at providing quality, scientifically based instruction and
fostering a positive learning environment for all students. I believe that learning should be fun and
hands on allowing students to take an active role in their learning which promotes academic success. I
use strategy to maintain classroom management and effective procedures for promoting desirable
behaviors from my students.
Collaborative degree in General Education and
Special Education K-6
Meets Alabama’s NCLBs Highly Qualified Teacher
Fast learner
Experience writing and implementing IEPs and
Proficient in technology use in the classroom
(smart boards, projectors, computers, iPads, etc.)
Certification in ARI and AMSTI
Purposeful and creative lesson planning
Certification in Lee vs Macon
Positive and encouraging
02/2014 to Current
Certified Substitute
Kelly Services
While working for Kelly Services I have accepted two long term substitute positions. I was required to
create and implement lesson plans in place of the regular classroom teacher. During one placement I
was also required to create an IEP and a BIP for two different students. I have also worked one on one
with a couple of students due to behavioral issues. All of this has given me priceless experience
Observing and evaluating students’ performance, behavior, and social development and
adapting teaching methods and materials to meet individual student needs.
Instructing and assessing students in both whole group and small group settings.
Encouraging interactive learning by incorporating educational software on the computer and
the smart board and utilizing the Internet.
Supervising students in the classroom, halls, cafeteria, and on field trips.
Creating and implementing interactive and engaging lessons in accordance with district,
county, state and federal guidelines as well as creating lesson for students with specific IEP
Completing and filing all necessary paperwork including attendance logs, reading assessments,
math assessments, and IEP goal assessments while preserving student confidentiality.
Developing BIPs and IEPs.
Creating a classroom environment in which children could learn respect for themselves and
others by fostering team collaboration through group projects and enforcing the school's
student discipline code to deal with problem situations.
08/2004 to Current
Hostess/Server/Grill Operator
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
Hostess Responsibilities: Maintaining flow of guests into the restaurant, supervising co-workers,
monitoring overall guest satisfaction.
Server Responsibilities: Providing personalized hospitality in customer service, utilizing interpersonal
skills, working as a team, organizing various tasks and performing duties under pressure.
Grill Operator Responsibilities: Organizing group tasks and encouraging group member involvement,
accept changes easily, and rising to new challenges.
These responsibilities have allowed me to develop skills that I now utilize in the classroom. They have
pushed me to become more organized and to recognize the importance of asking for help when it is
needed. This means realizing that my way is not always best and adapting my plan when there is a
better course of action. These skills are important when working in a classroom.
Bachelor of Science: Collaborative Education K-6
University of Montevallo – Montevallo, AL
Dean’s List: Spring 2012, Fall 2012, and Spring 2013
Graduated with honors with a GPA of 3.5
Successfully completed APTT, Elementary Education Content Praxis,
Teaching Reading Praxis, SE Core Knowledge and Application Praxis,
and PLT Grades (K-6) Praxis exams.
Certification in ARI and AMSTI
Certification in Lee vs. Macon
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