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Praxis II
What, How, and Why?
What is the Praxis II?
• The Praxis is an assessment used to measure
subject-specific knowledge or teaching skills
• There are over 140 test titles available
• Delivery: Paper test or Computerized test
Test Info
• Both the paper and computerized tests are 2
hours long
• 120 Multiple Choice Questions
• Allowed a 4 function calculator
• Breakdown
• All about your Praxis II
Science Reading
Alabama Requirements
• Elementary Education: Content Knowledge
(Test Code: 5014)
– Qualifying Score: 137
• Teaching Reading (Test Code: 5204)
– Qualifying Score: 155
Why Prepare?
• Studies have shown that 26% of test takers
receive a lower score than they expected
• Many overestimate their preparedness
• Success is proven to be directly linked to
• 19% of test takers do not take advantage of
free test prep available
• Never retake test without preparation
How to Prepare?
Praxis Website
Test at a Glace (TAAG)
Topics Covered
Sample Test Questions
Preparation for Test Day
Verify your test location
Print your admission ticket
Assemble your identification (ID) documents
Review the list of important items to bring
Dress appropriately
Review procedural information
Coping with Test Anxiety
• Three things you need to succeed
• Prepare: Know where your strengths are and
where you need work
• Organize: Create a study plan
• Practice: Sit and answer practice questions
• Preparation, organization, and practice will
help you feel more comfortable and help cut
down on test anxiety
Smart Tips
• Do not worry about your score while taking
the test
• Use your energy on the test-don’t get angry
with it
• Keep track of time
• Read all possible answers before selecting one
• Be aware of keywords such as NOT, BEST,
Smart Tips cont’d..
• Scan the answer choices before you start
reading the material and working with the
• In multiple choice items, you need to choose
the correct answer, but you don’t need to
prove it
• Use process of elimination
• Do not take too much time on any one
Other Test Prep Materials
eBooks available for: $22.95
Print study materials: $25-$40
Practice Tests: $13.95
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