Protocol for NT/NTE Plan Presentations

Protocol for NT/NTE Plan Presentations
This protocol is designed to be used by NTs/NTEs to present their turnkey plans for feedback. The
protocol takes one hour for each team, which includes the team’s 10-14 minute presentation, a time for
clarifying questions and then constructive feedback from their colleagues.
Step 1: Teams meet and introduce themselves to each other, and then select which team will present its
plan first. Together the teams walk through the protocol to make sure they understand the steps. (5
Step 2: The team presenting first will spend 10 minutes walking through their presentation.
Presentations can be presented by one individual on the team or by multiple individuals, and can include
hard copy materials. The feedback team can use the space on the form below to take notes during the
presentation and to organize constructive feedback comments. (10 minutes)
Step 3: The feedback team asks any clarifying questions about the plan. Questions for this step should
focus on areas that the feedback team found confusing or unclear. The presenting team responds as
appropriate. (5-10 minutes)
Step 4: The feedback team provides feedback on the areas of the plan that are the strongest (i.e., align
with the NT/NTE Turnkey Plan Checklist). The presenting team takes notes on the feedback. (10
Step 5: The feedback team presents feedback on areas for improvement. The feedback team should
provide suggestions that strengthen each component laid out in the template. The presenting team
responds as appropriate. (15 minutes)
Step 6: The feedback team provides closing comments/thoughts on the plan. (5 minutes)
Step 7: Teams switch places and repeat Steps 3-7 above.
Providing Effective Feedback
When providing feedback, be as constructive as possible – framing your feedback around what would
help the team effectively move forward with their plan. Be specific and remember that people respond
well to positive reinforcement. Do not provide overly critical or vague feedback. Consider and model
how effective principals provide feedback to their teachers, emphasizing successful strategies on which
the teacher should build and suggesting 1-2 concrete steps the teacher should implement.