1.03 Vocab

CM – 1.03 Vocabulary
ASSIGNMENT: Create an index card for each term listed below. Each term will need it’s own index
1. Number & place index cards in alphabetical
2. Neatly PRINT the vocabulary term in BOLD letters on the front of the index card. (The term
should COVER the front of the index card.)
3. Write the correct definition on the back of the index card.
4. Be sure to write your name on the front of the 1st card.
1. Constructive criticism: Criticism that is presented in a way that can help you learn and
2. Defensiveness: Putting up an emotional guard against negative opinion.
3. Divorce: The legal dissolution of a marriage.
4. Feedback: A listener’s response that tells a sender that the message is understood.
5. Leisure: Time free from every-day job responsibilities during which a person can pursue
personal interests and hobbies.
6. Life Roles: The various parts of one’s life, such as citizen, parent, spouse, worker, etc.
7. Life Stages: Changes that occur as we move through life experiences.
8. Lifestyle: The way a person lives his or her life, including geographic location, type of
home, method of transportation, and social situations.
9. Marriage: The legal unions of a man and woman as husband and wife.
10. Mentor: A trusted advisor.
11. Negative: Not constructive or helpful.
12. Occupational Changes: Changes in job status.
13. Parenthood: The state or relationship of being a parent.
14. Reduction in force: The employment of fewer people.
15. Sandwich Generation: Group of people who are caring for both their parents and their
16. Self-concept: How people view their own skills, interests, and competence level.
17. Stress: a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.
18. Work Values: Ideas and beliefs concerning career/work that are important to a person
and govern his/her perception of job/occupation/career.
19. Work: Activity directed toward a goal that produces something of value; to exert oneself
physically or mentally.