STATEMENT OF CANDIDACY - The University of Alabama

Mary Margaret McCord
My name is Mary Margaret McCord and I am hoping to represent the University of Alabama as the next
Homecoming Queen. After being a member of the University of Alabama family for three and a half years, I can
honestly say that this university has given me so many opportunities for which I am thankful. I have held an
executive position within my sorority for three years, including Vice President of Membership Recruitment and Vice
President of New Member Education. These positions not only taught me what it means to be a leader, but also gave
me the opportunity to work with other students at the university. Also, I was chosen to serve as an SGA Director for
the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Being a part of SGA was very eye-opening and inspiring. I was never aware
of how much the Student Government Association does for the University of Alabama. I was thankful I was given
the chance to be part of something bigger than myself. Throughout my college career, I have been dedicated to this
university and I hope to serve as your Homecoming Queen in order to continuously prove my dedication.