Minutes of the Last Meeting

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Elementary Education Program Meeting
August 17, 2011
Present: Paul Gathercoal (Chair), Anne Adams, Kris Allen, Gail Ballard, Andrea Chavez, Emily
Duvall, Deanna Gilmore, Monica Hansen, Anne Kern, Brant Miller, Nicole Mormon, Mary Orr,
Beth Price, Melissa Saul, Joe Scarano, Ingrid Spence, Teresa Million
Meeting called to order at 1:00 p.m.
Brant has a new grant to explore adventure learning water expeditions.
Emily moved to approve the minutes from 042911. Monica seconded. Motion passed
Quick Review of Elementary Ed Advising
Andrea reported.
UI Core has changed; no more core discovery. Most of our students start in Math 108; she
assumes that in developing four-year plans and adjusts for those who test up.
Andrea advises freshmen and sophomores primarily, but occasionally works with upper
division students.
Students cannot get into EDCI 302 until they are admitted to teacher ed. An earlier deadline
for review of teacher ed applications would be advantageous.
EDCI 302, EDCI 320, and Math 236 are sometimes taken in the same semester; scheduling all
at different times is helpful so that this is possible.
All new freshmen are advised to take EDCI 201 their first semester.
Environmental Science could be used to meet science requirement. It would need to be added
to the list of options in the catalog.
Curriculum & Instruction/Elementary Education Program/August 17, 2011
What needs to be done?
There is some leeway with the 2013 rule change. We will be making a proposal for a changed
ICLA, Technology Standards, and Elementary Ed area of endorsement changes.
“Built-in” endorsements were discussed last spring and examples were requested of faculty in
the different areas (literacy, math, etc.).
Literacy faculty met yesterday to discuss the ICLA changes and the literacy endorsement
Discussed the new requirements and that this includes K-12.
NNU has the ICLC course.
A literacy endorsement is K12. How much of what is taught is relevant to secondary?
Report on ICLA Meeting Yesterday
Emily explained the chart and talked about signature assignments that could be drawn for the
different courses.
Effective Fall 2012 ICLA test would be built into the reading and the writing courses, which
would be separate. The ICLA test would still be available for those transferring in or for some
other reason needed it.
EDCI 463 and EDCI 565 are the only two additional classes to get the literacy endorsement.
The Dean has indicated that we should be offering more summer courses.
There are proposed changes to the EDCI 320 and 322 courses. 320 will now be in the literacy
block instead of a pre-requisite for the block.
Is there a creative way to meet those art areas – art, music, dance, theater...?
Anne K. moved to pass the curriculum change forms as outlined on the agenda. Mary
Beth’s concern about the pre-req/co-req their students don’t take is no longer an issue as it
has been removed as a pre-req/co-req.
Call the question.
Motion passed unanimously.
Paul is going to contact Katie Rodenbaugh at the State to clarify the secondary ICLA issue.
Curriculum & Instruction/Elementary Education Program/August 17, 2011
New Technology Standards Rule
The best (quickest) way to meet this is to offer a stand-alone course. You can integrate it into
existing courses, but if just one falls through the cracks, it is problematic.
Secondary ed earlier discussed a 2 credit K-12 course, delivered through a variety of
modalities. They also discussed that it would be an addition to a total number of credits
required for the degree.
Secondary also discussed the option of testing out with CLEP or comparable.
It’s possible that it could be generally K-12, but there could be sections offered that are more
specific to a level or interest (science, social studies, etc.).
This would likely be a 300 level course at least.
This could be a very good fit in one of the blocks and directed more at the level (elementary
or secondary).
Ingrid moved to develop a 2 credit technology course that meets the state technology rule, as
an addition to the number of required credits, and able to be delivered in different
modalities. Anne K. seconded.
It may or may not be included in a block. A logical area would be in the math/science/social
studies block in place of PEP 350.
Anne K. called the question.
Motion passed unanimously.
Further discussion on the logical placement of the course.
Syllabi for EDCI 320, 322, and the new technology course are needed. Brant will work on that.
Melissa proposed putting the 2 credit technology course in the math/science block in place of
PEP 350 and have it be specific to elementary ed and taught face-to-face. Anne A. seconded
the motion.
There are drawbacks to this for CdA. They could utilize the online section, which was
considered as part of the earlier motion. Hybrid might be more appropriate.
Friendly amendment:
Melissa -- Moscow only would be face-to-face within the block. CdA would have the ability to
utilize different modalities.
Curriculum & Instruction/Elementary Education Program/August 17, 2011
Emily – CdA would be given an equal face-to-face option or hybrid.
Emily called the question.
Motion passed with four abstentions.
TaskStream Data
Looked at data from the Lit Block for Spring 2011.
There isn’t a lot of data here. We need to be doing this!
Looked at data from the STEM Block for Spring 2011.
Should there be guidelines about how/when students are advised when flagged.
These are just dispositions. We need to do signature assignments also. There needs to be
agreement/negotiation on signature assignments. There need to be conversations.
TPA Implications
Yesterday’s training was excellent. Paul recapped: the Context for Learning information
portion of EDCI 401 summary. Students must understand a Big Idea.
The full-blown TPA will be out in the spring, not the fall. It will continue.
We will wait until the 9/9 meeting to run the course changes through the C&I Faculty as a
Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.