viNGN is a Carriers Carrier- with the following attributes.
 Wholesale with Carrier grade Ethernet
 Fiber all the way- no copper.
 Gigabit to any location or more.
 Better than 5- 9’s reliability b(99.999% uptime).
 Dark Fiber Available
 Fully route diverse (when construction complete)
 Hardened FAP’s and Super FAP’s offering colocation and cloud services
 Secure with separate fibers or Secure VPN’s as needed
 Can offer Dual Attached route diverse connections to customer sites
 Nationwide MPLS support from anywhere to anywhere (on Net in the Islands)
 Dual stack support for IPV4 and IPV6 transport
 IP Transit services to the Internet
 Low latency and Jitter due to fiber and reduced equipment
 One router HOP to the states in a Tier One carrier facility with meet me points with any carriers in
 SNMP managed with HP Open view, and Telemetry for network and facilities management
 500 Gigabit months of bandwidth available for first five years
 Cisco’s ANA management software for customer specific reporting and testing
 BGP peering support for load balancing and IP transit
 Self-Healing multiple fiber ring based architecture that has less than 50 millisecond cutover time
 Host Standby Routing Protocol support with duplicate hardware thought the network
 Unlimited bandwidth due to quantity of fibers on and between the Islands
 Offer strict Service Level Agreements covering outages, bandwidth and latency
 Core network points of presence in Miami and New York Tier One peering points
 Integrated billing and customer management via ETI and Cogsdale software
 Dedicated VPN connections between any two or more points and any of the four Islands
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