Homework 7

TDC 460/564
Homework #7
Due no later than November 15th
1. Show the equivalent binary conversion values for the bit pattern 110001100000100100011110
using the digital encoding scheme 4B/5B.
2. Let’s pretend the following diagram is of a composite signal with frequencies from 5 to 10 Hz.
At what frequency should we sample the signal in order to convert the analog data to digital
samples? We want to create 4-bit samples. Generate the PAM samples given this information.
Show your work (submit the following drawing showing when the samples are taken and how
you divide up the y-axis).
1 sec
3. A light signal is travelling through a fiber. What is the delay in the signal if the length of the
fiber optic cable is 10m, 100m and 1 Km (assume a propagation speed of 2 x 108 m/s).
4. A beam of light moves from one medium to another medium with less density. The critical
angle is 60 degrees. Do we have refraction or reflection for each of the following incident
angles? Show the bending of the light ray in each case.
a. 40 degrees
b. 60 degrees
c. 80 degrees