Name IT 327 Dr. Lunt Homework #25 Chapter 24 Questions 1

IT 327
Dr. Lunt
Homework #25
Chapter 24
1. Compare fiber optics as a signal medium with a metallic medium in terms of bandwidth,
distances, isolation, security, and interference.
3. What is refraction?
What causes it?
How is the angle of refraction measured?
What is total internal reflection?
How is it used in fiber optics?
5. What are the three layers of optical fiber?
What role does each play?
Why must the refractive index of the second layer be less than that of the innermost layer?
7. What bandwidths are achievable with fiber optics?
What is the effect of dispersion on bandwidth?
8. What is the attenuation of a modern optical fiber?
Explain how attenuation varies with wavelength.
18. Explain why fiber optics are primarily used for point-to-point links.
Give Examples.
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