Please help your child pick a person about whom there is plenty of

Dear Parents,
Our students are beginning to prepare for their research papers for 3rd
grade – their Famous American Report and project. Each student will select
a well-known American to be the subject of his or her report. Attached to
this letter is a list of possible people from which your child may choose. Or,
your child may think of his/her own American, but must then find sufficient
reading materials to write a report and receive teacher approval.
Please help your child pick a person about whom there is plenty of
information available. Adequate, understandable resources are basic to a
good student research paper. Check the youth section of your local library
for biographies on the selection American. The downtown Chandler Library
and the Tempe Public Library (Rural Rd. and Southern) have some excellent
biographies for youth. Your child needs to have their resources at school and
read by Friday, May 3. Only 1 child may report on a person; therefore,
assignments will be made on a “lottery” basis if 2 or more students are
interested in researching a particular American. Choice Cards are due on
Thursday April 25 and students will be notified of “their” American on
The students will need to take notes from two sources (one source
must be a book at your child’s reading level). Sources should cover birth,
major life events/accomplishments, and death of the chosen character.
Sources must include any of the following: books (biography), and internet.
Additional sources may include any of the following: encyclopedia or
magazine articles. Feel free to search the Internet with your child at home to
look for articles.
I will go through each step of doing a research paper in class, so school
attendance is extremely important. An at-home project (details to follow)
will also be due before our Wax Museum on May 24th. A calendar of due
dates will be coming home on Friday. Please consider posting these due
dates in a very visible place in your home and checking them daily.
Students should read their sources as silent at-home reading as soon as
they obtain them. We will start taking notes for our research papers in class
next week.
Mrs. Meyn