Wildlife Chapter - Draft 1 - redmarked

The presence of wildlife is a treasured community resource.
Diversity of wildlife reflects the health of the ecosystem and fosters a sense of community for residents.
1. Preserve wildlife habitat and promote biodiversity.
2. There should be a public and private open space network to ensure the continued presence of wildlife in the Conifer/285 Corridor Area. This could be achieved through purchase of public open space, or through voluntary private actions which are described in the Open Space & Recreation section of this Plan.
3. The Colorado Division of Wildlife should periodically conduct an analysis of the Plan’s currently protected habitats and larger
areas of undeveloped habitats. The goal of the analysis would be to identify areas of higher value habitat which are either a lready
protected from development or are a high priority for preservation, and to determine if connecting corri dors need to be protected
to allow continued wildlife movements.
4. When important corridors or key unprotected parcels are identified, they could be given protection under an appropriate category in section A. Wildlife Habitat Protection, of this chapter.
Wildlife – Draft 1
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