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Habitat Diversity
The Barber Pool contains a variety of habitat types. Each habitat provides food, water,
shelter and space for certain plants and animals. Try to identify the animals in their
WETLAND habitats hold the greatest diversity of plants and animals. Plants filter
pollutants from your drinking water and provide wildlife with food and shelter.
GRASSLANDS give birds room to fly and plants to absorb lots of sunlight to grow.
Deer also like the grasslands because they can watch for predators while they eat the lush
TREES provide many nesting places for wildlife as well as vertical protection from
RIVERS provide the water that all living things need. They also contain plenty of food
such as aquatic plants, insects, and fish for other animals.
1. Red Fox
2. Mule Deer
3. Canada Geese
4. Great Horned Owl
5. Common Flicker
6. Yellow-headed Blackbird
7. Pintail
8. Muskrat
9. Great Blue Heron
10. Red-breasted Merganser
11. Belted Kingfisher
12. Raccoon
13. Darner (Dragon fly?)
14. Trout
Watching from a Distance
The Barber Pool is an oasis for wildlife in this urban area. More than 200 species call the
Barber Pool their home.
Watching wildlife from a unique distance gives you a unique chance to watch an animal’s
natural behavior without disturbing them. Watch wildlife eat, sleep, nest, fly, walk, run
and fight.
Observe wildlife from outside the area to also preserve their habitat. Use binoculars to
look for mammals and birds. How many can you find?
Red-tailed Hawk
Mule Deer
Ring-necked Pheasant
Bald Eagle
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