File advanced health environmental health research

Environmental health Ch 17 page 417
Environmental health focuses on preventing infectious diseases spread from water, waste,
food, rodents, and insects along with damage to our environment from pollution and rapid
population growth. The basics to environmental health concerns include
Clean water, page 418
Waste disposal – sewage and solid waste, page 419
Food inspection – USDA, FDA, public health departments (state level), page 421
Insect and rodent control, page 421
Population growth, page 421
Air pollution, page 422
Your assignment is to pick an environmental agency. Research the environmental agency.
Report the following1. The name of your agency.
2. List their major objective of the agency.
3. List where they get their funding.
4. List their website address.
5. List a recent accomplishment of this agency.
National Wildlife Federation – NWF
Alliance to Save Energy
Friends of the Earth
The Nature Conservancy
National Audubon Society
Greenpeace International
Sierra Club
Environmental Defense Fund
World Wide Fund For Nature
Clean Up The World
Conservation International
American Rivers
Rainforest Action Network
Urban Land Institute
Global Warming: Focus on the Future
The Wilderness Society
Alternative Fuels Data Center
FWS: Endangered Species
Clean Air Network
The Cousteau Society
EPA: Acid Rain Program
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Recycler's World
National Oceanic and Atmospherics Administration
National Wetlands Inventory
Ozone Action
Project for Public Spaces