Worksheet #1 on Chapters 11-12: Adjectives and Adverb

Test Prep II: Adjectives and Adverb
Circle the correct option. Then give a rationale for your choice.
1. He found his way (easy, easily) even in the dim light.
2. He is (good, well) to her.
3. She did very (good, well) on the last test.
4. They marched down the street (valiant, valiantly).
5. There are some (real, really) fine writers in this class.
6. We do not have (near, nearly) enough time to finish.
7. She is (bad, badly) about leaving the lid off the jelly.
8. I feel (bad, badly) about leaving my dog at the kennel.
9. Janice takes her job (serious, seriously).
10. Don’t take this (personal, personally), but your husband is a jerk.
11. He seems (different, differently) from what I imagined.
12. Professor Bates is one of the most (wide, widely) read people I know.
13. His homework assignments (sure, surely) are some of the most challenging in our university.
14. The sound of the bells carried so (good, well) that everyone in town could hear them.
15. Although I am walking on crutches, I’ll get there (slow, slowly) but (sure, surely).
16. She has a very (sweet, sweetly) smile.
17. Probably no one can tell a story as (good, well) as my father can.
18. My mother looked (scornful, scornfully) at the untidy waiter.
19. My mother looked (awful, awfully) in her new chartreuse hat.
20. I feel (awful, awfully) (bad, badly) that we forgot to invite the Kanazagas to the clambake.
Worksheet #2
Adjectives, Adverbs, and Prepositions
If a sentence contains an error, make the necessary corrections. If, however,
a sentence has no error, write C to indicate that the sentence is grammatically correct.
___ 1. “It was not real kind of you to laugh so loudly when I dropped my books,” said Loni.
___ 2. After the food arrived, the grumpy drama students brightened noticeably.
___ 3. The service in the restaurant seemed much more slower tonight than it was last Friday.
___ 4. Economic conditions being slightly uncertain at this time, we have begun to invest
___ 5. When I saw how happily Aunt Mabel was to see me, I was certainly glad that I had come.
___ 6. Tom Brown’s quiet confidence that he could quite easy find his way off the island soon
became a great joke.
___ 7. Our efforts to leave early for our picnic failed when Joan, the most skilled of our two
drivers, overslept.
___ 8. I can’t remember where I left my keys at when I came into the house last night.
___ 9. Mark’s stereo certainly sounds differently now that he actually has both speakers hooked
up correctly.
___ 10. Aunt Bess was especially proud that her two young children had behaved so mature at
the concert.
___ 11. Jordan spent four hours trying to write her programming assignment, and she was real
tired when she finished.
___ 12. We all want to express our gratitude and appreciation for the team managers this
Worksheet #3 on Chapters 11-12: Adjectives and Adverbs
I. Underline the one-word adjectives and the adverbs in the following sentences and label them.
Example: It is not easy for Margot to accept compliments graciously.
1. Cher is an excellent singer and a pretty good actress.
2. Hank thinks his rich uncle will send him a big check soon.
3. His brutal remark will not go unnoticed.
4. Frankly, the woman in that horrible caftan knows little about high fashion.
5. Lying at the side of the road was a plastic bag full of garbage that some tourists had
apparently thrown from their car.
II. Underline the dependent clauses in these sentences and label their use as adjective or adverb.
6. The book which I am currently reading is by Annie Proulx.
7. Tomatoes that are grown in California are bigger than the ones that are grown in Mexico.
8. Louise found her bracelet right where she had left it.
9. After she finished her homework, Carmen went to the gym for a vigorous workout.
10. Whenever I feel depressed, I try to think of something beautiful and incredibly musical.
11. On the way to the mall we stopped off at Betty’s place because Betty serves the best ribs in
12. Once you get here, we will start the party in earnest.
13. While I was sleeping, you walked out the door and left me, so I’ll never forgive you.
14. The plane which I was supposed to take left at 8:30; the plane that I actually took left at
15. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones--or garbage--at anybody.