Adverbs Review adverb direct

Adverbs Review
An adverb tells how, when, where, or how much something happens.
When you use adverbs, you get direct the action of the verb!!!
Ex: Jared runs quickly. Jared’s mom happily sends him on errands to the
Ned walks slowly. Ned’s mom reluctantly sends him on errands to the
Note: MEMORIZE the questions that adverbs answer!!!
How? When? Where? How much? To what extent? Under what conditions?
Words adverbs modify:
Other adverbs
About tricky adverbs and adjectives
About adverb comparisons
Troy ate slowly.
How did Troy eat?
Rita’s gym locker smells really awful!
To what extent or how awful does the locker
Copy this drawing very carefully.
I did a good job studying, so I did well on
the test.
Ian plays well. Lisa plays better. Troy
places best.