Medieval: Notes Organizer

Years: ______________ to __________________
Directions: For each of the sections listed below, you will, either working alone
or with a group, take notes for each section, making sure to answer the focus
questions listed for each section. You will use these notes to come to a conclusion
as who is the ideal man of the time period and what characteristics define him.
The Norman Conquest
1. What occurred at the
Battle of Hastings?
2. What kind of government
is set up after the battle?
3. What kind of a leader
William ad for how long does
his reign last?
4. In what ways were the
Anglo-Saxons more
5. Describe the national
English character.
6. Who is Becket?
The Land and Feudal System
1. What is the feudal system?
Draw a diagram that shows
how it is organized.
2. What is the Domesday
Book and why is it important?
The Medieval Church
1. What kind of a society
existed from the 11th century
to the 15th century?
2. What was the language of
all educated persons?
3. For what reasons was the
church so important?
4. What were the functions of
the church?
Medieval Life
1. Describe or draw country
2. What economic
development greatly altered
the daily life of common
3. Describe or draw city life.
4. What are the guilds? What
did the guild system
5. Around what did the
communal life of cities
6. Describe the conditions of
travel and food, effect of
seasons, and popular attire.
English Law
1. What was one of William’s
most important innovations?
2. What was common law?
3. What is the law of
4. What are ordeals? Why
didn’t the system of ordeals
5. What is the Magna Carta
and what did it establish?
The Crusades
1. What was the original
purpose of the Crusades?
2. What were the results of
the Crusades?
3. What is chivalry? What did
it mean to be chivalrous?
The Hundred Years’ War
1. For what was the war
2. Who was involved?
3. What weapons were used?
How did these weapons
eventually bring about the
end of the Middle Ages?
The Wars of the Roses
1. What was the Black Death?
How many perished?
2. How did the plagues bring
about the eventual end of the
feudal system?
3. What was the peasant’s
revolt? Outcome of?
4. What were the Wars of the
Roses? For what were they
fought and how did they end?
Medieval Literature
1. What did a medieval
romance usually consist of?
2. From what is King Arthur’s
Britain based?
3. Describe what, overall, the
stories of King Arthur and his
knights illustrated.
Geoffrey Chaucer
1. Who was Chaucer? Why
was he important?
2.sDefine and explain the
differences between morality
and miracle plays.
3. According to the author,
what was the real appeal of
the Middle Ages?