New Professionals Program Holds Mock Interviews

Ten students in the New Professionals Program learned more about themselves and the working world when they
participated in mock interviews on May 5-6, 2014, on the college campus. Two QC alums—Diane Shults, director of
student placement for the college’s Division of Social Services, and Charles L. Swarns, Jr., managing director at J.P.
Morgan Private Bank—played the role of prospective employers meeting job applicants. Both found QC’s “applicants” to
be highly capable.
“I continue to be impressed by the caliber of students we have at QC and their willingness to seek out new
opportunities and stretch themselves,” said Shults. Swarns agreed, praising the caliber of the students he met. “I look
forward to my next assignment,” he noted.
Launched in 2010 as the Queens College Dean’s Young Professionals Program and subsequently renamed, the
New Professionals Program prepares Queens College’s best and brightest students for internships and permanent
employment. Led by Professor Denise Miller, who became its first full-time director in July 2013, the program accepts
upper freshman through lower seniors. “Our goal is to help our candidates make the transition from school into the
business world by offering a series of seminars, networking events, individual mentoring experiences and mock
interviews,” said Miller. “When our students join the workforce, they will demonstrate the excellence of the Queens
College student body.”
New Professionals Program member Nigel Barker (class of 2017), who was interviewed as an entry-level analyst
at a major financial institution, found his experience to be invaluable. “Before the interview, I researched the financial
institution and the job description of an entry-level analyst,” he explained. “In the interview itself, I conversed with the
interviewer and answered multiple questions. Finally was the post-interview, when I sent a follow-up email to the
interviewer. After the entire process I had a debriefing, which made me aware of the strong points of my interview as
well as areas that need improvement. As a result of this mock interview, I feel more confident that I can secure a job and
progress in my career.”
The New Professionals Program is accepts applications throughout all academic sessions. For more information, visit You may also follow us on Twitter at
Denise L. Miller, Director
Honors Hall, Room 1
[email protected]
(718) 997-4720
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