Chapter 1 Study Guide

6th Grade Ch. 1
Study Guide
 What divides Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres?
The Equator
The Prime Meridian
The cross section
The North and South Pole
 On a topographic map a road is considered a_______
a) Scale
b) Map symbol
c) Cultural feature
d) Liner feature
 180° is the _______ of the Earth.
a) Circumference
b) Hemisphere measurement
c) Geologic location
d) Longitude
 Define vocabulary below:
Prime Meridian:
Map View:
Profile View:
Map Legend:
Topographic Map:
Contour lines:
Geologic maps:
Geologic formation:
 Use the table to answer the questions below:
Brisbane, Australia
27° S
London, England
30° N
Quito, Ecuador
0° S
San Diego, USA
32° N
San Francisco, USA
37° N
153° E
0° W
78° W
117° W
122° W
1. What is the latitude for Brisbane?
2. What is the longitude for London?
3. Is Brisbane or London closer to the equator? How can you tell?
 Which is used more often map view or profile view? Why do you think one
is used more than the other?
 What are contour lines used for?
 How could someone going for a hike use a topographic map?
Ch. 1 Notes: