REVIEW SHEET: Unit Test #1 CGC 1P1
Careers in Geography
MAP OF CANADA: (the PowerPoints have some good maps for this)
o Provinces
o Capital cities
o Great lakes
o Oceans, Seas
o Where the USA begins Southern and Northern Borders
What is Cartography?
What are Thematic maps? Can you name a few? (Ch. 2 pp. 23)
How to Label a map properly – do labels go horizontally, vertically, or follow the path of what they are labelling??
What do Grey or Blue colours indicate on a map?
6 things EVERY map should have… Title; Legend; Compass Rose; Scale; Date of Publication; Border around the map –
Why are they important?
o Know the three types:
 Direct Statement
 Line Scale
 Representative Fraction
o how to use them; how to convert from one to another (Ch. 4 pp. 46)
o Can you distinguish between LARGE SCALE and SMALL SCALE? (Ch. 2 pp. 22)
Direction: (Ch.3 pp. 27)
o Cardinal Points – How many? Where are they?
o Ordinal Points – How many? Where are they?
o 3 digit reference
o What direction we go around the compass when we read it? Think of the hands of a clock
o How to give good directions – Direction, estimated distance
o Northern Vs Southern Hemisphere
o What is it that causes seasons? Hint TILT of the earth…
o Important Dates – Equinoxes and Solstices
Types of Maps (Ch. 3)
o Alphanumeric Grid (Ch. 3 pp. 28 and 30)
o Military Grid – 2 types Hint: 4 and 6 Digit (Ch. 3 pp. 30-31)
 How to state or read them – Easting and Northing – Vertical and Horizontal lines
o Know how to write them
Latitude and Longitude (Ch. 3 pp. 34-35)
o Important Lines of Latitude – (see diagrams) Where they are, why they may be important
o Important Lines of Longitude – (see diagrams) Where these are and why they are important
o How to Write a coordinate e.g. 43 N 79 W Latitude then Longitude
Time Zones:
o How many are there in the world? In Canada?
o Why do we need them?
o Know the Time Zones of Canada
o If given a question be able to figure out a time from one time zone to another if you have a map of the
time zones
Names of Land and Water Features
Topographic Maps – what is it?
o What is a contour line?
o What are the 4 important characteristics of contour lines?
o Given a section of a topographic map, can you use a piece of paper to create a side view or profile of the
A few helpful Diagrams to remind you…
Study Notes: