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Social Studies Mapping Unit Study Guide
Test on Thursday, September 4th
1. Know how to find and label each of the four hemispheres: North, South, East,
2. Know how to find and label the equator and the Prime Meridian.
3. Know how to explain what lines of latitude and longitude are.
Latitude lines run from East to West and measure degrees North and South of the
Longitude lines run from North to South and measure degrees East and West of
the Prime Meridian.
4. Know how to find and label a location on a world map using a given latitude and
longitude. (You might be able to use the map above for some practice if you need to!)
For example: What continent is located at 10 degrees South, 60 degrees West?
5. Know how to successfully use a map scale to find distance. You can use the sample
map below for practice.
6. Know the four parts of a map. (See your notes)
1.) Map key
2.) Map Title
3.) Compass Rose
4.) Map Scale
Does the map above have all of these things?
7. -Know the 12 specific features noted on the United States Topographic map study
- Know the major cities and rivers for the state of Missouri
- Know the major oceans and all the continents
All maps should be attached to this study guide for practice.