The Obstruction #2
Editing (in class):______________
Presentation Date:______________
“Map of Encounters”
One action provokes a series of parallel and/or unexpected results or reactions.
Fragment an action, and perceive how an action provokes a series of
consequential and/or simultaneous actions for that action to happen. Then
explore the possibility of a reaction or many reactions. Think about grabbing an
object for example, how the eyes perceive the object, the extension of the arm,
the muscles extend, fingers open and manipulate to grab the object. Think about
the ripples or waves created as you pick up a glass of water. Think of the
reflections, spatial changes, consequences of actions. The video may only reveal
parts of body/face, and object(s).
Duration: 1 minute, with 14 cuts.
Rules: The video MUST HAVE at least 14 cuts spanning 1 minute. Emphasize
harsh scene editing. No “Jump Cuts”.
Shots: Only close up, extreme close up, and Macro.
Editing: Straight cut. Effects B&W, contrast, and grain only.
Sound: Each shot should be associated with a concrete sound, such as wind,
door opening, clock, alarm, siren, etc. Try to select a pool of 3-5 sounds and
create variations of it (distortions) rather than creating a cacophony. Along with
the required concrete sounds, you may use a background sound (radio
commentary, traffic, airport, etc.) at a much lower volume.
Use Light: Create a strong contrast (2 light zones).
Requires: Credits, and Title.
Grading: There are 5 Obstruction projects. Each Obstruction is worth 20 points,
for a total of 100 points.
For Obstruction #2, grading is composed from the following:
1: 7 points Sound strategy: creating a “Universe”.
2: 7 points Editing strategy: Dynamic, Flow.
3: 6 points Visual concept of the video.
4: +3 points for creativity.
5: -5 points if sound and or visual aspects are not technically correct.
-10 points for failing to meet editing or presentation dates.
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