Revising/Editing PowerPoint

Berryman Essay
Revising and Editing
First Things First!
• Heading should have:
– Your name
– Instructor’s name
– Class name
– Assignment name
– Date
– (Interesting) title centered
Check the little things!
• Is your last name and the page number at the
top of every page?
• Is your font 12 point?
• Is your font type Times New Roman?
• Did you double space?
• Is your spacing set at “0” under “Page
MLA Matters
• Is your Works Cited page properly formatted?
– Is your last name and the page number at the
– Are the words “Works Cited” at the top and center
of the page, in 12 point Times New Roman, with
no bold, italics, or underlined?
– Are all sources double spaced?
– Is everything after the first line of each citation
indented one half of an inch?
– Did you alphabetize your sources?
The Three Ts
– Underline
– Circle
– Make a note in the margin if it is not supported in
the paragraph
– Connect ideas, not paragraphs. Draw a box
around any transitions like “first,” “next,” etc.
Editing Check 1: Pronouns
• Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
– PA problems occur when a pronoun is used that
doesn’t match the noun being referenced.
• Look for
– Person confusion: “When one believes this
– Antecedent confusion:
• If you are talking about two different men, don’t refer
to one as “he” and expect the reader to follow you
Editing Check 2: Dangling Modifers
• A dangling modifier is a group of modifying
words that does not clearly modify anything in
the sentence.
– Running into the store, the light was out.
• It seems that the light was running into the store.
• MAKE CERTAIN that your modifiers are as close as
possible to the nouns they are modifying.
Editing Check 3: Mixed Sentences
• A mixed sentence is a sentence that begins
one way and ends in another way.
– “He was very tired, so tomorrow it might rain.”
• Be sure to read the sentences carefully to make sure
the proper thought is being expressed.
Editing Check 4: Spelling
• Circle any spelling errors throughout the
essay. If you know the proper spelling, write it
in the margin.
• If you are uncertain about anything, raise your
hand and ask for my attention. If I am busy,
continue working on the essay, and I will get
to you as soon as I can to resolve the issue.
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