Oxford Language Editing

Oxford University Press is launching a new English language editing service for
international academics: Oxford Language Editing. Our goal is to help researchers who are
publishing in English as a foreign language, including, but not limited to, many authors
who intend to submit papers to OUP journals.
Our goal is to build a network of exceptionally skilled language editors, capable of deeply
understanding the content of academic writing, identifying where improvements can be
made, and making skilful and appropriate changes to the text.
We are therefore looking for freelance editors who meet the following requirements:
 Native-level command of English in the context of academic writing for
 Highly qualified in one of the following:
o Biology
o Economics
o English & Communication
o Law
o Medicine
o Plant Sciences
 Research experience and evidence of publication track record
 Some experience of English editing on behalf of academic researchers whose first
language is not English
In return, we will be able to offer:
 A competitive rate of pay for editing work, rewarding your knowledge and
 A regular flow of interesting new editing work from researchers around the world
Are you interested, or do you know someone who might be?
If you would like further information, please contact us at: