What is BIMM?

What is BIMM?
Business Image Management
and Multimedia
1-year Technology Applications Credit
Suggested Prerequisite: BCIS-1
BIMM is Multimedia
Power Point
Desktop Publishing
Graphic design and clip art manipulation
Photo Editing, scanning, effects
HTML and Web design
Video Editing in Movie Maker and Flash
(digitized video)
• Sound recording and editing
Power Point
• Students will finish with a high level of
competency in Microsoft Power Point
Use of animation effects
Color and design
Visual effects on the slide
Transitions and timing
Presenting in front of a group
Video Editing
• Microsoft Movie Maker
– Students learn how to use a digital camcorder
• Save film to tape
• Capture digital video into computer
– Edit video and add titles
– Render into a video file format
• Digitized video program
– Students learn how to create animated objects
and text
• Morphing and rotating objects
• Animating text
– Professional program using layers and scenes
– Same software used in the business world
Desktop Publishing
• Microsoft Publisher and Word to design:
Other publications
Graphic Design
• Clip art and original images
– Students learn a variety of methods of editing
graphic images for use in publications and
multimedia presentations
– Learn to use a variety of tools including
Photo Editing
Digital photography
Cropping and editing digital images
Scanning photos
Applying effects to photos
Altering the image
Various formats to save graphic images
HTML and Web Design
• Students learn the fundamentals of HTML
• Design several web sites using HTML
– Links
– Inserting graphic images
– Formatting
• Students also learn alternate methods of
creating web pages (Dreamweaver)
– City in Texas website project
– Pizza or Donut Restaurant website project
Sound Editing
• Movie Maker and Audacity
– Students will record sounds
– Edit those sounds
– Layer several sounds together to create a
unique sound effect
– Utilize these sounds in a multimedia
BIMM is Fun!
• Students use a variety of tools and
skills to create professional
multimedia presentations, web sites,
and projects