Syllabus - Rutgers

Spring 2016 Graduate Course: 26:160:587 Topics in Biochemistry
Instructor Professor Frank Jordan ([email protected])
Index number: 18139
3 credits, lectures on Tuesdays 6-9PM
13 lectures, 1 term paper and 2 exams
This course is designed as an advanced course to follow an introductory
Biochemistry course, such as 160:26:581.
Additional pre-requisites: One year course in undergraduate Organic Chemistry and
at least a 1-semester course in Physical Chemistry. A graduate level organic course is
advisable but not required.
The topics discussed should be of interest to both organic- and biochemistryoriented graduate students.
Utilization of Enzymes/Coenzymes in Synthetic Chemistry of Chiral Molecules
This topic is based on a detailed mechanistic understanding of the reactions
Enzymes as Targets in Drug Design
Methods using both rational and ‘library’ approaches will be highlighted.
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