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Every living thing on earth
involves the discipline of
organic chemistry.
Synthesized a compound that was
associated with living things from
materials that were considered to
come from non-living things.
Wohler, 1828
le ad c yan ate + am m o n iu m n itrate
u rea
Perkin discovers a new dye
derived from organic
Chemistry. He applies for a
patent. Organic chemistry
Is now seen as a means of
making profit.
Perkin, 1856
Kekule developed the structural
theory concerning the structure of
carbon (tetrahedral in the
arrangement of the four groups
attached to the central carbon.
Kekule, 1858
The discovery of oil in 1908 in in
Masjed Soleyman by British
Petroleum launched the expanded
study of carbon based compounds.
The bulk of petroleum (84%) is used in energy
production (fossil fuels) while the remainder is
used as raw materials for many chemical
products, including pharmaceuticals, solvents,
fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics.
Organic Chemistry is at the core
of biochemistry. All biological
processes are effectively organic
chemistry in action.
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