Surviving Chemistry Presentation

Surviving Chemistry,
Important steps toward a
Health Professions Career
General Chemistry ~ HS Chemistry, but more detailed and
more intense
Organic Chemistry ~a new language that will be vital for your career
Biochemistry ~focus on molecules and mechanisms involved in
biological functions.
D. Crumrine, Chemistry Dept. 9/3/09
General Chemistry
Attend all lectures, discussion sects, & Labs.
‘Skim’ the material before lecture.
Discover your learning ‘style’ and work appropriately e.g.
Read, in detail and annotate…soon after lecture.
Work all the suggested problems wo using the answer key.
(Yes, it does take more time…)
Ask questions in discussion and with friends.
Ask questions of faculty, TAs, tutors etc.
BTW, Don’t stay up all night before an exam, etc.
Organic Chemistry
Attend all lectures, discussion sects., & Labs.
Review Gen. Chem. material ~first 2 chapters so that you are
prepared on the first day of class.
‘Skim’ the material before each lecture.
View Organic as a new language and work every day!
Depending on your learning style: take notes; make flash
cards; annotate book; make graphic organizers; work
problems; search the web for material; etc.
Get a model kit to help with 3D perceptions and split it.
For questions, attend discussion section, develop a studybuddy, see a tutor, talk with professor, etc.
Biological actions explained through use of
molecular structure, enzymes, kinetics,
reaction mechanisms, thermodynamics, etc.
Cell Biology is a good precursor for the class
Lots of information(~1000 page textbook)
in a, currently, v large one semester class.
Former students say ‘ approx. to med
school class.’
Skim, read, work problems, ask questions...
If you have studied, organic &
biochem, this anticancer drug
activation mechanism should
be understandable.
Activation of
Adriamycin by AN-9
Why do this?
These classes are easier than professional school, so you
develop good study habits now (better student)!
Your level of understanding will be tested by national
admission tests. Study now and save your money (better
student and better consumer).
Competence in these areas will help you better understand
details in biomedical classes as well as worldwide
environmental, health, and safety issues (better citizen).
Serious study in all three sciences will improve your chance
of getting admitted to professional or graduate school.
Research will help you decide if you want to be a healthcare
professional or a Ph.D. (clinical practice vs research) or
something else.
Research Opportunities
Follow your interests to see if you will enjoy
research work.
At LU start asking and sign up early as the
opportunities & scholarships are limited.
Check out summer opportunities elsewhere
via REU etc.
Spend at least two semesters to really get
into the work and show your dedication.
Resources – Use them!
Study guides
Teaching Assistants
Tutors/ Fellow Students
Web (maybe more important for you?)
Best Wishes for your future success!
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