Overview - Charles County Public Schools

Leadership Extension Application and Development (LEAD) Program
The rigorous 13-month program consists of two phases:
LEAD I (January 2016 – May 2016): Cohort members engage in a series of
comprehensive school visits with practicing principals that reflect the realities of
leading Charles County Public Schools.
LEAD II (October 2016 – May 2017): Cohort members apply learning from the
LEAD I program to develop, implement, evaluate, reflect on, and showcase a
school-based leadership project.
Candidates must demonstrate the following:
 Commitment to aspire to a principalship
 Commitment to academic rigor to increase student achievement
 Instructional expertise
 Professional resilience and integrity
 Commitment to continuous learning
 Strong communication skills
 Commitment to equity and excellence
Upon program completion, cohort members will have gained experience and
developed competence in the following dimensions of the leadership
performance standards:
 Vision Development
 Climate and Culture
 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Alignment
 Instructional Improvement
 Instructional Assessment
 Technology Integration
 Professional Development
 Community Engagement
 Project Management
 Communication
 Data-based Decision-making in a Context of Integrity, Fairness, and Ethics
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