Appendix A – CB Academic Program Questionnaire

Contract Academic Program Questionnaire
General Information
College Name
Contact Name
Contract Partner
Third Party (External Partner) Name
Type of entity (governmental, community
organization, or private business)
Contact Name
Defining the Program
Name of the Program
Degree/certificate objectives (or credential
Program Eligibility requirements
IBHE/UIC Approved?
Cohort/Target Audience / Admissions
Target Audience
Cohort Size (Minimum/Maximum Enrollment
per Cohort)
How will students be admitted and what are
the relevant admissions deadlines?
Will students pay one tuition amount for the
entire program or on a per semester or per
term basis?
Desired Start of Program; will there be
multiple start dates and multiple cohorts?
How many times per year will the program
admit students? (Fall only, Fall & Spring,
Fall/Spring/Summer or off-cycle)? Will
courses be offered in the Summer?
Timeline for recruiting/selecting participants
Contract Academic Program Questionnaire
Program Content & Format
Length of Program, number of terms
needed to complete the program
Curriculum & Course Sequence (Schedule of
Courses listed by semester if applicable)
Will the students be required to take
courses in a set order (e.g., as a cohort)?
(Attach a spreadsheet with the details.)
Number of Credit Hours required to
complete the program
Online, blended or on-ground
If online or blended, is
program/course development
required and how will this be
accomplished? Describe your plan
for instructional support, course
design and development and
course maintenance for the
If online, frequency and duration of on
campus meetings with students
Program Location, if not online;
Are there adequate, existing and
available physical
spaces/labs/classrooms to teach
Special facility requirements/needs, or
special equipment needs (e.g., Polycom,
lecture capture/recording, etc.)?
Identifying Resources to Deliver the Program
The plan for instruction will have an impact on budget, sustainability and scalability of the program. Details must be
provided to assure an accurate financial proforma is developed.
Describe the instructional faculty needs for
each cohort. Provide specifics about
numbers, type of faculty and estimated
salary costs to teach the courses for the
duration of the program and or per
semester, whichever is applicable. Attach a
spreadsheet with these details.
Will the program staffing include
mentors, preceptors, proctors, or
other instructional-related salary
expense beyond faculty members?
Include in above spreadsheet.
Program Administration & Development
Your college is responsible for all aspects of program administration including admissions, student advising,
coordination with the registrar, finance, human resources, IT and tech support, marketing, student support,
instructional support, course design and development and course maintenance.