Address To the 7 th . Congress of UATUC

To the 7 . Congress of UATUC
13-14 November 2014
Dear President Novosel,
Dear Brother Mladen,
Distinguished Guests,
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
I have the pleasure to express my gratitude to the leadership of UATUC for the
invitation to attend this important event.
In the same time please allow me extending to all of you a message of success
for your Congress and best wishes from the Director of the ILO Bureau for
Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV), Ms Maria Helena Andre.
The same good wishes come also from Mr Antonio Graziosi, Director of the
ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Central and
Eastern Europe- Budapest and all my colleagues of the office.
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
In this globalized world the challenges workers are confronted have increased.
We witnessed processes which are elements of general deregulation of labour
and industrial relations. Social dialogue, workers’ information and consultation,
real and free collective bargaining have become targets for the trade union
movement instead a daily practice of social partnership. This picture which
could be considered a general one, we can find with some nuances in Europe
Increased inequality and poverty, social exclusion, high unemployment,
insufficient social security and protection, informality are realities in many of
our countries. The “victims” are the same, unfortunately the same: young
people, low skilled workers, women, old persons.
What shall be done?
There are many things to do. For instance, replacing excessive austerity
measures with sustainable growth based on decent jobs creation and stimulus of
domestic demand.
We can look at two crucial documents adopted by the ILO only since the
beginning of the crisis: the Declaration on social justice and fair globalization
and the Global Jobs Pact. There are there new ways, solutions and we have only
to walk on them and implement them together, the ILO and national
We have also the principles of the European Social Model based on core ILO
We are requested to prove determination, loyalty towards our citizens and
partners and good faith.
I am sure, governments, employers and workers together, can do that. And I am
also sure that if we want peace, we shall prepare for social justice.
In this respect, to serve and to protect, the ILO-ACTRAV, our Budapest team
are here. You can count on us.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Ovidiu Jurca
Senior Specialist in
Workers’ Activities
ILO DWT/CO - Budapest