Geography Lesson 1

Where in the world is that?
An Introduction to Geography
What is geography?
Why is it important?
When looking at a map, the following symbols mean...
= Mountain (colored in brown)
= River (colored in _________)
* = Capital city
= National capital city (An example is ______________).
The symbols and meanings for any map should be included in the map's ________ or
What is a compass rose? Draw one here.
On a physical map, one can locate the different physical features of the land. Some examples are:
On a ____________ map, one can locate the borders between countries or nation states as well as
regions within one country.
How do we give directions?
Relative locationAbsolute locationWhat two numbers can give us the location of any place in the world?
What is the absolute (exact) location of Pakistan? (Use the country's capital or physical center
when finding a countries latitude and longitude).
Bonus: What happened in Pakistan this summer?
Define the common geographic terms below:
EquatorLatitudeLongitudePrime meridianHemisphere-
Using the terms above, what is the location of the United States of America?
Hemisphere: N, S, E, W
The equator is _______________ of the USA. (N, S, E, W)
The prime meridian is _____________ of the USA. (N, S, E, W)
The national capital of the USA, Washington D. C., is located at __________ ° _____ latitude and
_________° ______ longitude.
What can a map's scale tell you?
Now practice using it! Pick two major cities in the world. How far away are they from here?
More practice...
Assignment one: Color and label a map of the world. Color water blue, and each continent a
different color (DO NOT COLOR LAND BLUE). Label the seven continents, the four oceans,
and make sure to include a compass rose on your map as well as a key. Neatness and spelling
count! (paper copy handed in to me)
Assignment two: Pictorially (cut and paste from the web) and verbally define (put definitions
from the glossary into your own words) the following list of physical features.
There WILL be a quiz over these!!! (email me your completed assignment)
Coral Reef
10. Grassland
11. Gulf
12. Highland
13. Isthmus
14. Ocean
15. Peninsula
16. Plain
17. Range
18. Sea
19. Shield
20. Steppes
21. Tableland (plateau)
22. Tundra
23. Wetland
24. Ice Cap
25. Strait