2003-2004 Student Placement Information


Oak Heights Elementary School

2014-2015 Student Placement Information

The Oak Heights staff will be working on tentative classroom assignments for the next school year before we dismiss for summer vacation on June 18 th . We welcome your input to add to the information we will use to place your child.

In May and June the entire teaching staff will be cooperatively planning for the creation of balanced classrooms Classroom teachers, specialists (PE, music, library), learning support teachers, psychologists, and the principal are all part of this process. Our goal is to create the best community for learning in each classroom, balancing each one academically, according to learning styles, social skills, and behavior considerations.

There are two forms for you to complete: The first is about your plans for next year. We ’d appreciate a reply from all families as this will help us plan for the class configurations. You may return a hard copy, or e-mail the forms to the office (see the individual form for the person in the office to send it to). The other one is optional, about the learning needs for your child. We’d appreciate that all forms be returned by Thursday May 15 th . We have a non-student day on the 16 th and have dedicated some of this time to the initial class placement process.

All placements will be tentative until after school starts and our enrollment is officially counted. This is important to remember as enrollment changes can occur over the summer. Also, schools must balance classrooms district-wide and sometimes we must reconfigure our classes in September. When that happens we reconvene the whole placement team and use all available information to form new classes

. We will mail home your child’s tentative placement the last week of August.

Please do not request specific teachers. Your information about the specific learning environment is helpful but asking for specific teachers, especially as sta ff assignments haven’t been determined, is not helpful. At this point we are focusing our energy on creating balanced classrooms without any teacher names attached to classes. If you have any questions about this process please call the school office or talk to your child’s teacher.

Oak Heights Elementary School

2014-15 Student Information Form

Please return to your child’s teacher or the Oak Heights office no later than May 15, 2014. If you e-mail the form please send it to villalobosh@edmonds.wednet.edu

Student’s Name _______________________

Please put an ‘x’ by the sentences below that best fit your child.

_____ Yes, my child will be returning to Oak Heights Elementary next year.

_____ No, my child will not be returning next year.

If you answered no, where will your child attend school?

_____ Another school in Edmonds School District (school name) :


_____ Out of district

_____ I am uncertain because we may be moving.

We will hold a place for your child but please call your school by the week of August 19 th

with definite information.

_____ I have a kindergarten student who is not yet registered.

Parent’s Name & Phone Number:


Oak Heights Elementary School

Optional Parent Input Form

Please do not request a specific teacher.

Please return to your child’s teacher or the school office no later than May 15, 2014. If e-mailing the form, please send to ardissonos@edmonds.wednet.edu

S tudent’s Name _______________________ Current Grade ______

Current Teacher _______________________

What would you like us to know about your child to add to our information for class placement? a) Please describe the learning needs/style of your child. b) Any other useful information regarding your child