Chapter 5, Section 3 Book Work Answers

Honors Chemistry - Chapter 5, Section 3 Book Work Questions and Answers
16. How are wavelength and frequency related?
a. Inversely proportional which means as one increases, the other decreases
17. Describe the cause of atomic emission spectrum of an element.
a. Atoms absorb energy and electrons move to higher energy levels. When electrons fall
back down to their ground states, they release energy in the form of light. Depending
on the amount of energy released, the light will be different colors.
18. How is the change in electron energy related to the frequency of light emitted in atomic
a. The light emitted by an electron moving to a lower energy level has a frequency directly
proportional to the energy change of the electron.
19. How does quantum mechanics differ from classical mechanics?
a. Classical mechanics describes the motion of large bodies. Quantum mechanics
describes the motion of subatomic particles and atoms as waves.
20. The lines at the ultraviolet end of the hydrogen spectrum are known as the Lyman series. Which
electron transitions within an atom are responsible for these lines?
a. All electron transitions that end in the first energy level (on n=1)
21. Arrange the following in order of decreasing wavelength:
a. infrared radiation from a heat lamp
b. dental x-rays
c. signal from a shortwave radio station
a. Radio > Infrared > X-rays or C > A > B