Course Outline
French 4 AP
Madame Mihevc
708-386-0127 X289
Course Description:
AP French is an honors course designed to prepare students to take the AP French Language and
Culture exam in May. The focus of the exam is written and spoken communication, both
rehearsed and extemporaneous. A subtext is contemporary Francophone culture divided into 6
categories: global challenges, science and technology, contemporary life, beauty and aesthetics,
families and communities, and personal and public identities.
To prepare for the exam the course will be taught in French and include a focus on reading,
listening, speaking and writing, and a review of grammar. Students will create independent
study projects on culture and current events that generate oral reports and essays, practice
spontaneous and rehearsed speaking, as well as develop persuasive and analytical writing skills.
Texts and ancillary materials:
Allons au-delà! Ladd
AP French Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination, Ladd
Le Petit Prince
App – 7 Jours sur la planète
In addition to the above, a wide variety of authentic materials are used, including newspaper and
magazine articles, French films and novels, articles, videos, songs, interviews, and news reports
from the Internet. Samples of the AP exam will also be used for practice and assessment.
Students need: a pocket or online French/English dictionary, a folder and notebook exclusively
for this class.
Method of Grading:
64 and below F
All assignments will be assigned a point value. Grades are determined by dividing the total
points received by the total points possible. Semester grades are calculated at 80% semester
work and 20% final exam.
Vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading exams
Oral presentations
Culture projects
Essays and in class writing
Speaking exams and discussions
Grammar, vocabulary, reading homework
Current Events
All previous French class policies regarding academic integrity, homework, respect, and
Fenwick policies apply to this class. I expect you to exercise responsibility for yourself, your
learning and the class community.
Online Sources: (le Journal et Sept jours sur la planète) (podcasts) (Institut national études démographiques) (current events, statistics) (grammar)
Entre les murs
Joyeux Noël
Paris je t’aime
Au Revoir les enfants
Cyrano de Bergerac
AP practice exams
National French Contest
French poetry anthology
Trésor du Temps
Assessments and Activities:
Current events
“Actualités” due every other Friday, use the app 7 Jours sur la planète or the website
Article and podcast presentations
Country ambassador presentations
In class listening and replies to AP prompts
Email replies, persuasive essays, film and novel critiques
In class participation, oral presentations, and AP speaking prompts
Le petit prince, current events, AAD, Trésor du temps
Words related to each of the 6 themes, expressions used in written and spoken discourse, and
words from novels and readings
TdT, films, AAD, online sources, actualités, lectures and field trip
Review of concepts from levels 1-3
Extra activities include: field trip to the Art Institute, a French mass, and guest speakers. AP
practice exams will be used throughout the class and intensively in April.
The teacher reserves the right to make any changes to the course outline or classroom
expectations. Such changes will be announced in class.
Exam Format
3 hours
2 Sections:
Part I, 50%, 95 minutes
Multiple Choice
A: Reading comprehension, 30 questions, 40 minutes
B: Reading & listening combined
C: Listening only, (parts B and C) 35 questions, 55 minutes
Part II, 50%, 85 minutes
Free Response
A:1 Email response, 15 minutes
B:1 Persuasive essay, 55 minutes
C:1 Guided conversation, 5 prompts at 20 seconds each
D:1 Cultural comparison speech, 5 minutes