Aptis – forward thinking English testing tool

What is Aptis?
Global English test developed by the British Council
English proficiency test for adults (16+)
Informed by current research in applied linguistics
Straightforward to access, manage and sit
Tests all four skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
Tests one skill – e.g. Listening only
Each skill taken with grammar and vocabulary
What is tested?
Aptis is divided into components which are taken in packages
Core grammar and vocabulary component is combined with
one or more skill components – Reading, Writing, Listening
You can decide which components are important for your
You choose when, how and in what way to test, to ensure you
get the results you need
How is it delivered?
Computer and online
Pen and paper
Telephone (speaking component)
You can administer the tests, or we can do it for you
Uses a revolutionary interactive test development,
delivery and reporting platform
Results in as little as 72-hours
Innovative scoring
Mapped to the Common European Framework of
Reference for Languages (CEFR)
Scaled score for the Grammar and Vocabulary (0-50)
Scaled score for each of the skills (0-50) and an overall
CEFR score (A1-C)
Individual and group scores
A scaled score and a CEFR level reported for each skill
taken means greater accuracy
What can Aptis be used for?
Benchmarking employees
Language audits to identify training needs
Filtering potential future employees for interview
Filtering current employees for training or promotion
Used by commercial corporations, government ministries,
NGOs, educational institutions
Why choose Aptis?
High quality and accurate
Mix and match skills
Flexible and adaptable content
Joint branding and local language instruction page
Affordable, accessible and effective
Quick results turn-around
Quick and simple to administer
Who uses Aptis?
“Precision and speed in verifying
abilities are great assets of this
test.” - Marta Gerlach-Kaleta,
Project Manager, Adecco
Adecco, Poland
GlaxoSmithKline, Egypt
KPMG, Egypt
Kozminski University, Poland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kosovo
MPS Group Henkel, Hungary
National Bank of Greece, Greece
Pfizer, Egypt
Siemens, Brasil
Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH), Spain
Choose Aptis to assess more people more
efficiently and raise international English standards
in your organisation