Office Administration Job Description for Lord of Life

Office Administration
Job Description for Lord of Life Lutheran Church
The first six months of employment constitute the employee’s probationary period. A performance review will be
conducted at the mid-point and at the end of the probationary period.
The workday hours and days will be mutually agreed upon by employer and employee.
1. Act as an initial point of contact for the church in person, by phone or email
Answer phone and respond to messages
Take messages for Pastor or council
Help visitors with requests and contact Pastor as needed
Manage church office correspondence and emails (e.g. pass along information to
appropriate person/ post on bulletin board/advertise in bulletin)
Liaison with office equipment suppliers and service companies for service and/or repairs
Assists with communication to responsible church members regarding events such as
weddings, funerals, baptism and meetings; contact public who have made requests for use
of church building
Assess requests for use of building and forward information to council
Act as point of contact for church cleaning 3X per month and Calvary Presbyterian Church
(they clean the first Sunday of the month)
2. Manage church office and keep records of church activities e.g. baptisms, marriages, funerals
Record Keeping for Church
 Update Churchwatch – a database used for tracking church statistics
 Maintains membership directory and publishes list annually
 Maintain list of Council members and contact information
 Archive worship bulletins, newsletter, annual reports and council minutes
 Maintain information with confidentially
 Organize systematically paper and electronic files
Events: Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Rental situations
 Prepare certificates for recording events
 Enter completed event in parish register
 Complete contracts for rentals and collect deposits
 Schedule rentals and use of church building
Office Maintenance
 Maintain key list
 Schedule annual inspection of church facility and alarm system
 Coordinate floor and carpet cleaning in summer
3. Create budget, enter and track church finances, manage payroll and church expenses and prepare
Finance and Accounting
 Create budget for review and approval of the council
 Record all financial exchanges using an accounting package
 Maintain payroll and forward employer amounts to Government for CPP etc.
 Record donated amounts on church envelopes
 Record all donations and provide receipts
 Make sure deposits and withdrawals properly are completed at the bank
 Create and provide financial reports as necessary
 Prepare cheques for signature by approved members of Church Council
 Prepare informational reports as requested by Pastor or Church Council
 Attend council meetings
 Provide receipts for tax purposes
 Create T4 for employees and other records
 Create annual report
Office Maintenance
 Update accounting information in a timely manner
 Keep track of bank information
 Pay bills and create payroll in a timely manner
 Keep computer and copier in working order
4. Create weekly worship materials and other print and digital media
Sunday Bulletin and material for overhead Projection
 Copy hymns for overhead and check for copyright privileges
 Create bulletin – readings, service, and music. Depends on date of service and format of
service. Search internet for material
 Prepare and print worship materials and music in a timely fashion ensuring compliance
with copyright regulations for bulletins and projection usage
 Order worship supplies
 Put material in a PowerPoint format, get appropriate graphics for display, set up and run
projector as needed
5. Coordinate use of church facilities for special interest groups and ensure supplies are stocked
Paraments, banners and candles
 Make sure correct colours of Paraments are available or changed
 Banners change as required
 Make sure Altar candles are sufficient
 Candles and other supplies from Universal Church Supplies
Maintenance of Church Property
 Phone appropriate person (church council) or company for necessary repairs to church
property and assist with coordination of repairs
6. Compile monthly newsletter and update website when required
 Material is provided from Church Council and Pastor
 Distribute newsletter via email and print additional copies