File - First Presbyterian Church of Petaluma

Position Description
Title: Organist/Pianist
Purpose: To provide musical accompaniment for services of worship on piano, organ,
or keyboard.
The Organist/Pianist is accountable to the Pastor as Head of Staff, with oversight by the
Worship Commission.
Plan, prepare, and play organ/piano music appropriate to each service of
worship, including prelude, offertory, postlude, and other music as required. This
includes additional special and seasonal services of worship such as Christmas and
Accompany the choir’s singing of scheduled music.
Attend choir rehearsals for the purpose of accompaniment.
Lead the congregation’s singing of hymns.
Accompany the congregation’s singing of praise songs along with the Praise
Team, as needed.
Accompany and perform special music as needed and as available.
Arrange for substitute when unable to be present.
To play for weddings, funerals, and memorial services as requested, based upon
the organist/pianist availability. The use of the organ or piano by a guest musician may
be done by special arrangement.
Attend and participate in staff meetings and, occasionally, session meetings.
Other responsibilities as directed by the Pastor.
Be able to display a professional level of competence and musical talent from
both training and experience.
Be able to develop a thorough working knowledge of the congregation’s worship
service and have a theological understanding of church music.
Have a mature Christian faith
Be able to support the vision and goals of the church.
Be able to sight-read and play hymns, praise songs, and other music.
Possess a broad knowledge of church music.
Average of 40 (forty) hours per month.
The annual salary will be established by Session upon recommendation of the
Personnel Commission.
Honoraria for weddings to be arranged with the couple getting married.
Honoraria for funerals and memorial services to be paid by the family of the
deceased. Honoraria not provided by the family shall be paid by First Presbyterian
Church of Petaluma Deacons Fund as determined by the Session Personnel
Leaves, vacations, and holidays are subject to the provisions in the Personnel
policies of First Presbyterian Church of Petaluma.
Performance review will be conducted after the first 3 months.
Subsequent reviews will be conducted by the Pastor as head of staff and the
Worship Commission Elder
The Personnel Commission will review annually the adequacy of compensation.
Approved by FPCP Personnel Commission July 6, 2015
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