Chapter Eighteen

TAKS Objective
TEKS Statement
3. The student recognizes
the importance and
significance of the
reproductive process as it
relates to the health of
future generations
Allen ISD - Bundled Curriculum
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Subject Area
Unit Name: Reproduction, Pregnancy and Development
Chapter 18 Overview
12. The student
understands situations in
which people of all ages
require professional
health services
Guiding/Essential Questions
Content Vocabulary
Unit # 5
Student Expectation/District Clarification
Explain fetal development from conception through pregnancy and birth
 Discuss all the steps of fetal development: fertilization, fertilized egg dividing, embryo moves to
uterus, and the fetal changes that take place during each trimester.
 Stages of childbirth: Dilation, Expulsion and Placental
Explain the importance of the role of prenatal care and proper nutrition in promoting optimal health for
both the baby and the mother such as breast feeding
 Understanding the importance of healthy start in pregnancy and the early years of life with
proper nutrition ,exercise, supplements, etc
 Understanding the positive and negative effects on the fetus/baby of a mother’s actions: stress,
drugs, supportive family, check ups etc
Analyze the harmful effects of certain substances on the fetus such as alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and
environmental hazards such as lead;
 Discuss Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and how it can easily be prevented.
 Discuss how the alcohol can effect a baby for the rest of it’s life (mental retardation)
Explain the significance of genetics and its role in fetal development
 Analyze the 23 chromosomes of each gender to create a new fetus.
 Discuss disorders and diseases that can be passed from one generation to another.
 Discuss the importance of genetics during each trimester.
Identify situations requiring professional health services for people of all ages such as primary, preventive,
and emergency care
 Teens need counseling on the importance of prenatal care.
 Regular checkups for the mothers during each trimester: nutritionist, primary physician, guidance
counselors and fitness expert, etc.
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Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
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