19222 Nyamavuvu St,Rujeko C,Masvingo,Zimbabwe
Cell: 00263774214746
Email:[email protected]
Tongai Mushandu
Finance Associate
With over 9 years’ experience in the fields of
accounting and administration in international
organizations and the private sector combined,
Tongai Mushandu has highly competitive skills
and experience in donor and private sector
accounting, budgeting processes and grants
processes and procedures. He has strong
knowledge of donor financial reporting
requirements, including United Nations,DFID,
World Bank and USAID, and experience of the
administration of grants programmes
Employment History
Nations Population
Fund,Harare,Zimbabwe(2014 –present)
Finance and Administration Officer, Cordaid
International, Harare, Zimbabwe (2012 -2014)
Finance Officer, CARE-International, Harare,
Project Assistant, CARE International, Harare,
Zimbabwe (2008-2009)
Assistant Accountant, Zimbeef Marketing
Private Ltd, Kwekwe, Zimbabwe (2006-2008)
Accounts and Administration Assistant, ,
Zimbeef Marketing Private Ltd, Kwekwe,
Zimbabwe (2005-2006)
19222 Nyamavuvu St,Rujeko C,Masvingo,Zimbabwe
Cell: 00263774214746
Email:[email protected]
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Assistant(Finance&Administration), United
Nations Population Fund, Harare, Zimbabwe
(2014 -present)
Support to formulation of programme strategies
and implementation of the programme focusing on
achievement of the following results:
1. Collection, analysis and presentation of
information for identification of areas for
support and programme formulation/
Provides effective support to management of the
programme focusing on the achievement of the
following results:
1. Creation of project in ATLAS,
preparation of required budget revisions,
revision of project award and project
status, determination of unutilized funds,
operational and financial close of a project;
2. Presentation of information for audit of
NEX, DEX and/or Management projects.
Provides administrative support to the Programme
focusing on achievement of the following results:
1. Preparation of non-PO vouchers requests
for development projects;
2. Maintenance of the internal expenditures
control system including correction actions
on unposted vouchers, including the
vouchers with budget check errors, match
exceptions, unapproved vouchers;
3. Creation of requisitions in ATLAS for
development projects, register of goods
receipt in ATLAS;
4. Making budget check for requisitions and
Support resource mobilization focusing on
achievement of the following results:
1. Review of contributions agreement,
managing contributions in ATLAS;
 Advanced Professional
Qualification: Accounting and
Administration (2009-2013)
Institute of Chartered
Secretaries & Administrators
(ICSA), Harare, Zimbabwe.
 UNISA-Bcompt Management
Accounting Science
Country experience
Key skills
Periodic financial reporting
Accounts receivable and
Payable professional
knowledge of income
tax,VAT,PAYE returns
General ledger accounting,
payroll processing and
commodity accounting skills
Extensive knowledge of
procument and logistics
Administration and Human
Computer literacy
Excel,Ms Powerpoint
 Shona: Mother tongue
 English: Fluent
Tongai Mushandu CV
2. Assist in the preparation of donor and country office statutory/ad-hoc
Supports knowledge building and knowledge sharing focusing on achievement of
the following results:
1. Assist in organizing the trainings for the operations/ projects staff on
2. Contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.
Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the management of the Country
Finance and Administration Officer, Cordaid International, Harare, Zimbabwe
(2012 -2014)
Assisting in the budgeting and the on-going monitoring and implementation of
Contributing to the development, planning, and implementation of the Results
Based Financing (RBF) programme, relating it to the knowledge and
understanding of CBOs & Health Facilities and programme priorities.
Contribute to RBF grant management team through assessing and improving the
effectiveness of the RBF grant budget by evaluating its efficiency, client needs
and stakeholder expectations.
Close liaison with the Finance and Admin Manager, the Claims Assessor and
Director with a good understanding of proportional expenditure of grantees, thus
being able to notice any unexpected changes and query them immediately.
Involved in the CBOs and Health Facilities eligibility selection and contracting
Responsible for monitoring and tracking sub-grantees to ensure that funds are
paid for the agreed indicators and also making sure that their burn rates are in
relation to the actual results.
Involved in the reviewing of grants management policies and procedures to
improve the performance of the whole RBF program.
Checking and verification of all the invoices received from contracted grantees
and responding to their claims queries.
Disbursement of funds to the CBOs and health facilities and monitor their financial
performance through organizationally set feedback mechanism
Reconciliation of RBF payments to the actual payments on a monthly basis.
Responsible for the record keeping and reporting of the sub-grantees’ financial
Ensure that financial record systems are in accordance with Generally Accepted
Accounting Principles, and monitor the use of all funds.
Managing cash flow and forecasting; direct all financial, project-based, and other
Carrying out the month-end processing of the financial ledgers for the
Monitoring and controlling for security and systems checkups at all the provincial
sub offices.
Tongai Mushandu CV
Assisting in providing financial and administrative support to the Local Purchasing
Unities when required in liaison with the Accountant: Assist in the verification of
RBF invoices and supporting documents in collaboration with the Public Health
Expert and also in liaison with the Accountant.
Carrying out of the monthly office petty cash count for the Head office and
provincial offices, ensuring all paper work is completed and all expenditure is
accounted: Reconciliation and count of petty cash on a weekly basis in liaison
with the Provincial Offices.
Following up on outstanding advances with various concerned staff making sure
that cash advances are utilized for intended purposes with appropriate time.
Checking and preparing payment vouchers in conformity with World
Bank/CORDAID required procedures and make sure that all transaction
documents are filed chronologically as per recordings order.
Reconciliation of Results Based Financing payments to the actual payments
made by the bank.
Reconciliation of the payroll.
Finance Officer, CARE-International, Harare, Zimbabwe
(2009-2012) –
Providing support to the Accounting and Financial reporting systems and making
sure that reports are compliant with the organization's reporting standards and
policies for DFID, USAID, AUSAID, UNICEF, FAO-funded projects.
Maintenance of sub-ledgers and their subsequent general ledger reconciliations
and analysis of variances
Processing and reviewing vendor and employee advances encompassing project
and travel advances and ensure timely liquidation in the accounts payable
Ensure that all purchase requisitions has adequate supporting documents and
making follow ups with procurement department on outstanding orders to ensure
timely payments of vendors.
Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly cash flow projections for all projects.
Assisting project managers in preparations and reviews of their annual budgets.
Receiving, consolidating and verifying the allocations to funds of employees
Personal Activity Reports and forwarding them to the payroll department.
Conduct petty cash spot checks, reconciling sub office and districts’ petty cash
books and recording.
Maintenance of Safe Cash Account recording and reconciling all transactions
and ensure timely replenishment.
Ensure appropriate charging of account, project number, fund code, location
code and sub analysis in line with organization reporting standards and financial
Timely payment and reconciliation of all office; utilities, licenses and rentals.
Vendor payments, reconciliation and accounts receivable processing.
Involved in the sub-grantees eligibility selection processes by checking their
financial records and their finance policies and procedures.
Monitoring, tracking and reporting on small sub-grantees which were involved in
implementing the Conservation Farming and Sustainable Agriculture for the rural
communities programme.
Tongai Mushandu CV
Providing technical support to the sub-grantees in line with the grant policies,
processes and procedures.
Also assisted in the capacity building of smallholder farmers with basic home
grown accounting systems.
Agricultural input voucher system capacity training in financial accounting and
Recording keeping.
Help sub-grantees to select the best agricultural inputs suppliers which to be
Supporting the sub-grantees in the redemption of the agriculture input vouchers
and report on all the variances and losses.
Record keeping and reporting on the financial performance of the grantees.
Receiving, safekeeping and dispatching of vouchers to the sub-grantees
according to their references numbers and class type.
Keeping accurate and complete financial records for each sub grantee and
reporting to the Grants Accountant at the end of each month by providing all the
financial reports.
Project Assistant, CARE International, Harare, Zimbabwe (2008-2009)
Tasks included:
Adhere to data collection and management procedures to prepare, collect, record
and input data.
Processed and carried out payments to Cash for Work beneficiaries.
Carried out project voucher disbursements and redemption.
Collect annual reports and detailed budgets for proposal inclusion.
Assistant Accountant, Zimbeef Marketing Private Ltd, Kwekwe, Zimbabwe (20062008)
Compiled and analyzed financial information to prepare financial statements
including monthly and annual accounts
Ensured financial records are maintained in compliance with accepted policies
and procedures
Prepared financial management reports and ensured all financial reporting
deadlines are met maintaining accuracy
Established and monitored the implementation and maintenance of
accounting control procedures
Resolved accounting discrepancies and irregularities
Continuous management and support of budget and forecast activities
Monitored and supported taxation issues
Developed and maintained financial data bases
Financial audit preparation and coordinated the audit process
Ensured accurate and appropriate recording and analysis of revenues and
Analyzed and advised on business operations including revenue and
expenditure trends, financial commitments and future revenues
Tongai Mushandu CV
Analyzed financial information to recommend or develop efficient use of
resources and procedures, provide strategic recommendations and maintain
solutions to business and financial problems
Accounts and Administration Assistant, , Zimbeef Marketing Private Ltd,
Kwekwe, Zimbabwe (2005-2006)
I was responsible for assisting the Accountant in implementing accounting and
administrative activities on a day to day basis.
Responsible for fleet management and ensure appropriate safety standards in
all vehicles in the fleet.
Responsible for office management and payment of all premisies utilities.
Maintanace of the company Assets register.
I was responsible for general administration duties which were managing
company facilities and asset management.
In accounting, I was responsible:
 for creditors and debtors reconciliations,
petty cash reconciliations,
 all data capturing into pastel,
 reconciliation of debtors and creditors ledger accounts,
responsible for handling all petty cash transactions.
Responsible for remitting monthly Vat returns and Paye to Zimra,also
attending to customer and supplier queries.
Responsible for maintaining systematic accounting filling method.
Tafadzwa Chapisa
Financial Accountant
CARE International, Zimbabwe
Email: [email protected]
Cell: +263 774 112 502
Phylis Munyama
Programme Associate
Email: [email protected]
Cell: +263 772 809 611
Melusi Machona
CAPEX Controller
Email: [email protected]
Cell: +263 0773 270 130
Tongai Mushandu CV