Does Femaleness Mean Differences with Maleness in Both Study

Does Femaleness Mean Differences with Maleness in Both Study
Strategy Use and Learning Outcomes? A Case of Final Year College
Students in Harare, Zimbabwe
Dr. T.D. Mushoriwa*
This article reports the results of a study that explored the issue of
whether females significantly differ from males in both study strategy use
and learning outcomes. A survey questionnaire was used to source data
from 100 final year students randomly pooled from one Teachers’ College
in Harare. The interaction between gender, study strategy and learning
outcome was explored through Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation
Coefficient (r). The study established that gender was not significantly
related to both study strategy and learning outcome. The study made
recommendations for educational practice, mainly that since both male
and female students use same study strategies and benefit similarly,
there is need for teachers to give them equal treatment and learning
opportunities lest differential treatment and socialisation result in selffulfilling prophecy regarding performance in certain school subjects.
Dr. T.D. Mushoriwa is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational
Foundations and Management, University of Swaziland, P/B 4, Kwaluseni