FALL 2014
Teacher Information
Dr. Brian Cherer
Room 2115
Email: [email protected]
Georgia Performance Standards for Advanced Latin
In Latin III, students read from authentic Latin poetry and prose texts. Students are
introduced to more complex syntactical and grammatical structures. Through the
reading selections and class discussions, students learn about the literary and
stylistic devices appropriate for either prose or poetry. Concentration is also
focused on the philosophic, historic, and cultural aspects relevant to these
selections. Students make connections between the ancient strands of mythology,
history, literature, and art to those same classical allusions in the modern world.
Ecce Romani III (3rd ed.) [$52.00]
One section—or, even better, all—of a three-ring binder dedicated to Latin;
Notebook paper;
3 x 5 inch index cards with storage box;
Pen or pencil.
Being organized is crucial for effective learning. Therefore, every Latin student is
required to keep all class materials (homework, hand-outs, class notes, quizzes,
etc.) in a three-ring binder, so that work can be easily located, deleted, or added
throughout the semester. Any work that is ripped out of a spiral notebook or bound
composition book will not be graded.
All students are asked to sign up for Remind in order to receive mass alerts by text
or email. Parents may sign up too.
Your final course grade will be based on the following weight distribution:
Daily Work
Final Exam
Progress Reports
Progress Reports will be distributed every six weeks. If the student is failing or
close to failing, he/she must return the Progress Report within three days signed by
a parent/guardian.
The purpose of homework is to provide practice and review of the day’s lesson. All
homework should be completed punctually, conscientiously and, of course, should
represent your own work.
Make-up Policy
In case of absence, ask your teacher what you missed and when you can make it up.
Be prepared to make-up any previously scheduled tests/quizzes immediately upon
your return to class.
Hall Passes
Requests for hall passes should be reserved for emergencies only. Each request
must be documented in the student’s agenda for the week. Excessive requests
(more than once or twice per week) will result in loss the future hall passes.
Class Rules
1. Take your seat immediately upon entering the room.
2. Clear your desk of all items not directly related to class.
3. Do not eat or drink anything in class, except bottled water.
4. Keep your head up and eyes wide open throughout class.
5. Be respectful of the person, property, and opinions of everyone in class.
First offense—name on board. Warning. See teacher after class.
Second offense—check by name. Teacher detention; parents are notified.
Third or subsequent offense—two checks by name. Office referral.
Teacher Detention
Teacher detention will initially be served in the cafeteria during the student’s lunch
period. Subsequent detentions will be served in the classroom from 3:40 to 4:30
p.m. on the following Tuesday or Thursday, whichever comes first. Failure to serve
any teacher detention will result in automatic office referral.
Extra Credit
Although extra credit is not awarded upon request, it should be noted that
opportunities to earn extra points will regularly appear on homework assignments,
quizzes, and tests. If a student needs extra help, the teacher is available most
afternoons immediately after school. Please check with the teacher in advance.
Please note that everything in this syllabus is tentative and subject to change, if
deemed by the teacher to be in the best interest of the class as a whole. Such
changes will be duly announced during class.

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